Roadbed for the PRR Crossing

Last month’s virtual track planning session with local NMRA members inspired me to get going with construction. To that end, I added new Homasote spline roadbed for the PRR’s mainline and Purina’s siding.

The addition includes three 19-degree crossings – two across the N&W main and one across the N&W Old Main. I chose this angle for two reasons; it fits the space without too many compromises (or complex curved crossings) and the availability of 19-degree paper templates from Fast Tracks. Their templates are a huge help for the modeling community.

I had hoped to take advantage of Fast Tracks just-announced “Diamond Line” crossings for this area. They appear very nicely detailed and feature straight-forward assembly and guaranteed gauging. Unfortunately, the first to production are 90 and 30-degree versions; a 19-degree is on their roadmap, but probably not in 2021. Too bad. 

The above means that I will be forced to scratch-build them. Grumble grumble. I built two 19-degree crossings in the past (for my shelf layout) so I know I can do it; they’re just fiddly. 

But that’s for later. For now, onward with sub roadbed construction!

N&W / PRR crossing and Purina Mills mockup. A Zoom call with local operators helped to develop the track layout.
The diagonally crossing track (including the tail track with boxcars and locomotive on the right) is the PRR mainline. The track alongside the mill is served by the PRR. The track with the green tape is the transfer track between the PRR and N&W, and the blue tape is the South Court Street right of way.

The completed project, with temporary track mockup on the new roadbed. I also added more spline to the left to accommodate a future small yard, or a passing track/industry combination.

Thanks for reading my blog. If you have any questions or additions, please share a comment in the section below. If you know others that might be interested in this blog, feel free to share the link.

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